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Phoning it in


My thanks for Carmelo Militano for having me on Winnipeg’s CKUW poetry radio show on Sunday, Sept 17th. If you follow the link it’s possible to hear the show, which runs for about thirty minutes. I read a few poems that inspired me by Alden Nolan and William Stafford as well as some poems from […]

The stars aligned so that I read a number of short, potent non-fiction books at the start of the year: Between the World and Me (Coates) is an articulate and powerful letter on growing up black in America. It offers no easy answers, nor should it. Men of Action (Howard Akler) is an intensely thoughtful […]

I’ve read exactly one P.G. Wodehouse novel and found it amusing, but haven’t felt compelled (at least, not yet) to read others. But I’m glad I recently saw Wodehouse in Exile, a new BBC drama. The film has stayed with me for assorted reasons. First, it’s interesting to see the record set straight after all these […]

For the Maissoneuve blog, I’ve done an interview with Julie Cameron Gray about her new book of poems Tangle, and  the darker side of domestic life.  Also, the first poem I’ve written about my daughter will be in the new issue of Taddle Creek dedicated to childhood. It looks like I’m in some very good […]