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The Rotary Dial


The Rotary Dial is a new, monthly magazine of “formalist-ish” poetry, looking for work that “rhymes and scans but isn’t too versey.” Edited by Alexandra Oliver with support on the project from Pino Coluccio. Sounds like an interesting niche, and it will be in a downloadable, accessible format. You can also like them on Facebook to […]

And Also Sharks


Looking forward to the new book from Jessica Westhead, a collection of stories called And Also Sharks. There’s an impressive trailer now online:

Over at the National Post book blog, Philip Marchand has an enjoyable and thoughtful piece about books vs e-books. My feeling is that e-books might be useful for some titles but can’t replace having traditional books for the authors I love most. And for some reason I love that books are low-tech. During a power […]

I don’t exactly go hunting for them, but my favourite book trailer is still the one for the Sean Stanley novel Etcetera and Otherwise. This year, it was one of the Moby Award winners. Another of my favourites has Brad Meltzer making the best of some poor reviews in Everybody Still Hates Brad Meltzer.

A new Canadian romantic-comedy appears to include quite a sharp (and amusing) parody of the writing world.

Mary Shelley


L. J. Davis reviews a new biography of Mary Shelley and fairly quickly wanders from the life of Shelley (and whether of not it’s a decent biography) into a history of science-fiction. His suggestion that Frankenstein is fairly dull surprises me. It’s among the few nineteenth-century novels I’ve read more than once. At the same […]

Enough interesting (and somewhat alarming) ideas are bandied about in a review of The Shallows: What the Internet is Doing to Our Brains that I’m forced to consider limiting my surfing time: “MRIs performed on people while they read books show that they use regions linked to language, memory, and vision; surfers call on prefrontal […]