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A brief but potent graphic novel, Harvey feels like an authentic Canadian story that’s also universal enough for anyone to appreciate. Written by Hervé Bouchard and illustrated by Janice Nadeau, it’s recommended for young adults (ten or over) or anyone interested in a well-crafted and poetic graphic novel. The story is straightforward: Harvey and his […]

Bertrand Russell titles like Unpopular Essays and The Conquest of Happiness helped shape the way I write essays and remain among my favourite books. One of the brightest minds of his generation — and certainly among the more privileged — Russell purposely turned away from obscure academic work at one point in his life, embracing […]

I’ve appreciated a couple of graphic novels in the last year — Two Generals, a Second World War story of two Canadian soldiers and friends (who jokingly refer to themselves as the two generals) is both written and illustrated by Scott Chantler to tell the story of his grandfather and close friend, “lest such delicate […]

Newfound Hound


Hound of the Baskervilles remains my favourite Conan Doyle Sherlock Holmes story, so I was interested to read a recent graphic novel adaptation from UK publisher Self Made Hero, which is adapting various classic books. A part of me was a little tempted to scoff at easier translations of classic works, but they’re simply adaptations, […]

Catching up with an original, sincere and acclaimed 1996 Canadian graphic novel in 2010 is better late than never, I guess. Written and illustrated by Seth, It’s a Good Life, if You Don’t Weaken takes its title from the old song by Maurice Chevalier(the author comments he often heard his mother repeating the line) though […]

Asterios Polyp


A dictionary-heavy, hardcover graphic novel, Asterios Polyp manages to be visually impressive, and pack a few impressive ideas. David Mazzucchelli is no stranger to the graphic novel, having illustrated a graphic novel adaptation of City of Glass by Paul Auster, among other works. His style is interesting for being a curious balance of clean and […]

It isn’t that hard to re-imagine Superman as a communist — it only really requires that on arrival, he crash land on a farm in the Ukraine instead of an American farm. I don’t frequently read graphic novels, but the idea of taking the most famous American hero and turning him on his head was intriguing. […]