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Carmelo Militano has generously donated his time to thoughtfully interview a number of Canadian poets for Northern Poetry Review, or The Lonely Offices, always taking the time to thoroughly examine their work. And from time to time, I’ve had the pleasure of sitting down to have a coffee with Carmelo when he’s visiting from Winnipeg. […]

As Luna publications is not currently producing or distributing books, I’m glad to say Biblioasis is now handling the sales of Making Bones Walk,┬ámy award-winning first book of poems. If anyone is still hunting for holiday gifts, I’ve noticed still has several copies of The Least Important Man and independent bookstores may have it […]

Favourite novels of the year: The Crow Road (Banks) mixes hard-drinking, realistic characters with thoughts like this: “Death was change; it led to new chances, new vacancies, new niches and opportunities; it was not all loss.” I loved the precise language and compelling story of Minister Without Portfolio by Canadian writer Michael Winter. Oranges are […]