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Years ago I caught sight of a set of Curious George parodies, along the lines of Curious George and the Electric Fence. I only really glanced at it, because in all honesty I don’t enjoy that kind of humour. Childhood is ideally a brief window of innocence where the idea that it’s a decent world […]

Cornelia Hoogland has published five poetry collections, has been short-listed for the CBC Literary Awards on multiple occasions, and is currently an Associate Professor at the University of Western Ontario. Her most recent poetry collection is Woods Wolf Girl, described as a “sensuous Canadian retelling” of Little Red Riding Hood. What inspired a Canadian retelling […]

Goran Simic was born in Bosnia-Herzegovina in 1952 and emigrated to Canada in 1996. His internationally published work includes stories, plays, essays and poems. Since coming to Canada, his published books include Immigrant Blues and From Sarajevo with Sorrow (poems) as well as Yesterday’s People, and Looking for Tito (stories). His new book of poems […]