Ladies and Gentlemen, Sir Arthur Conan Doyle


I’m currently reading The Adventures of Sherlock Holmes, and forgot how much I enjoy the straightforward but compelling style of Conan Doyle. Not sure how else to describe it except to say the stories are ridiculously enjoyable (and for a great new contemporary BBC adaptation of the character, see Sherlock). Here’s a description of a beggar from The Man With the Twisted Lip:

“Here it is that the creature takes his daily seat, cross-legged, with his tiny stock of matches on his lap, and as he is a piteous spectacle a small rain of charity descends into the greasy leather cap which lies upon the pavement before him. I have watched this fellow more than once, before ever I thought of making his professional acquaintance, and I have been surprised at the harvest which he has reaped in so short a time. His appearance, you see, is so remarkable that no one can pass him without observing him. A shock of orange hair, a pale face disfigured by a horrible scar, which, by its contraction, has turned up the outer edge of his upper lip, a bull-dog chin, and a pair of very penetrating dark eyes, which present a singular contrast to the colour of his hair, all mark him out from amid the common crowd of mendicants, and so, too, does his wit, for he is ever ready with a reply to any piece of chaff which may be thrown at him by the passers-by.”

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