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Zachariah Wells is a Canadian poet. He maintains the blog Career Limiting Moves in addition to reviewing and editing work and the publication of two full-length collections so far: Unsettled, a collection of poetry about Canada’s Eastern Arctic, and more recently Track & Trace. I’ve started reading your book Track & Trace and think “Cormorant,” […]

I’m currently reading The Adventures of Sherlock Holmes, and forgot how much I enjoy the straightforward but compelling style of Conan Doyle. Not sure how else to describe it except to say the stories are ridiculously enjoyable (and for a great new contemporary BBC adaptation of the character, see Sherlock). Here’s a description of a […]

I’ve appreciated a couple of graphic novels in the last year — Two Generals, a Second World War story of two Canadian soldiers and friends (who jokingly refer to themselves as the two generals) is both written and illustrated by Scott Chantler to tell the story of his grandfather and close friend, “lest such delicate […]