Year in Review: 2010


The first thirteen entries in the One Question Interview series isn’t a bad start. Northern Poetry Review is still Northern Poetry Review, and passed a fourth anniversary in April.

As someone that read at the launch for the first issue of a stylish new magazine called Taddle Creek in 1997, it was nice, fitting and vaguely disturbing (considering thirteen years have passed) to have a poem in issue 25, published this month. If you haven’t subscribed, follow the link.

Best Canadian Essays 2010 — the sequel is supposed to try and be better, right? Even more magazines are included, and again there’s a lot of variety in the topics.

And I finally made it to London, to see some of the city and grab a coffee with¬†Todd Swift (it was Paris last year, which inspired a polite rant about cities). Needless to say, London was impressive, and aside from the galleries and museums we drank at the Wheat Sheaf, where Orwell and Dylan Thomas drank. People stood in quiet reflection at the thought of these two great writers. Actually, people bumped around talking, swearing, texting each other and drinking. And I’m sure Orwell and Thomas wouldn’t have wanted it any other way. Here’s a photo with a bunch of Brits enjoying a Friday night and one Canadian writer unintentionally looking like he’s standing at attention.

Meanwhile in Toronto, I can take the streetcar at rush hour and watch people push and squeeze just to get standing room, so it’s a good thing our new mayor wants to immediately cancel Transit City — years in the planning stage, already underway and set to make huge improvements — in favour of going back to square one with ideas about subways, likely to be three times as expensive. Sound good? Let’s be certain city councillors hear from us on this one, folks. We deserve a livable city, and an important first step was already happening.


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