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Over at the National Post book blog, Philip Marchand has an enjoyable and thoughtful piece about books vs e-books. My feeling is that e-books might be useful for some titles but can’t replace having traditional books for the authors I love most. And for some reason I love that books are low-tech. During a power […]

I remember hearing the idea that the rise and continued popularity of video games is connected with current generations living under the shadow of nuclear annihilation.  The theory goes something like this: a generation that could have the rug pulled out from under it (at any time, no matter what they do) will eventually gravitate […]

The first thirteen entries in the One Question Interview series isn’t a bad start. Northern Poetry Review is still Northern Poetry Review, and passed a fourth anniversary in April. As someone that read at the launch for the first issue of a stylish new magazine called Taddle Creek in 1997, it was nice, fitting and […]