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I have a love / hate relationship with online comments (or maybe I could say I’m fascinated / appalled). While I like the idea that people can comment on a news item, the immediacy of it means it’s mainly drivel, even as the distance and anonymity can bring out our worst. Still, there are gems […]

Enough interesting (and somewhat alarming) ideas are bandied about in a review of The Shallows: What the Internet is Doing to Our Brains that I’m forced to consider limiting my surfing time: “MRIs performed on people while they read books show that they use regions linked to language, memory, and vision; surfers call on prefrontal […]

Best Canadian Essays 2010 will launch at the crazily comfortable Dora Keogh pub on the Danforth, Nov 17 at 8pm. My co-editor this year was Kamal Al-Solaylee, writer and assistant professor at Ryerson’s School of Journalism. I was just as impressed, this time around, with the range and quality of writing to be found in […]

Marius Kociejowski is a poet, essayist and travel writer. He has published multiple volumes of poetry, and travel books such as The Street Philosopher and the Holy Fool: A Syrian Journey, and more recently the book that covers the return journey, The Pigeon Wars of Damascus. Your book The Pigeon Wars of Damascus concerns a […]

Revised since publication in The Danforth Review, 2004. It’s a curious modern epidemic — and possibly something of an intellectual shortcut — to describe something new using several previously existing things, but despite that, I’ll say┬áThe Town that Forgot how to Breathe captures a distinct┬áCanadian flavour but feels like it has dashes of Edgar Allan […]