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I recall reading a poem in high school that was a brief but effective portrait of a father, and years later credited it with helping me become a writer. It isn’t the only factor, but certainly being struck by the sincerity of a poem early on doesn’t hurt. I lost track of it, but here […]

Farber on Film


Harper’s magazine has a long but worthwhile piece on the collected Manny Farber film reviews, to be found here. Among other details, Farber decried the use of a simple star rating (or thumb up or thumb down) to summarize a film, and thought of himself primarily as a painter, so that a “painter’s traits,” informed […]

Welcome to 2010, where you finish a novel by E.M. Forster called The Longest Journey, Google those words assuming you’ll get some reviews or comments, but all the results are concerned with a video game by the same name. So what do you say about an acknowledged classic that you didn’t enjoy reading? In fact, […]

David V. Herlihy began with the award-winning book Bicycle: The History, described as “an impressively researched study of the bicycle from its invention in the 1860s to its zenith of popularity in the last years of the 19th century.” More recently, his book The Lost Cyclist (link to review on Powells) concerns an American adventurer who […]