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Toronto writers Carey Toane and Elisabeth de Mariaffi recently began a project called Toronto Poetry Vendors, and celebrated the launch of poetry vending machine in This Ain’t the Rosedale Library. It’s a great idea. What do you think is the appeal of a poetry vending machine and what kind of response have you had? Elisabeth: […]

Canadian writer Lisa Moore has an excellent personal essay on family, grief and lasting ties over at the Guardian site. And like a true professional, her final anecdote connects up nicely with her theme and closing words, which I often think is the literary equivalent of putting a bow on a package as the finishing […]

Nancy Rommelmann writes a thoughtful review of a new illustrated memoir by cartoonist, playwright and author Jules Feiffer, Backing Into Forward. She begins with a statement describing the artist as “happy bomb thrower,” and concludes that as times change and print declines, “television’s screaming heads” cannot replace the kind of witty and politically engaged stuff […]

Alessandro Porco is the author of two collections of poetry: Augustine in Carthage, and Other Poems and The Jill Kelly Poems. He’s also the editor of the new critical study, Population Me: Essays on David McGimpsey. You’re the editor of Population Me: Essays on David McGimpsey.  Was there much consensus between Canadian poets writing about […]

Dear America: you’ve made some of the best films I’ve ever seen, and produced some great writers. With such heart-wrenchingly good stuff out there, I’m finding it odd one of your country’s major political parties doesn’t recognize social justice when it’s staring them in the face. Republican responses to health care reform in the States […]



Originally published in the Globe and Mail, 1999. The spring that I graduated from university I was handed a diploma, crossed the stage and stood there, stunned.  I’d been working toward that day for so long without really thinking beyond it that its arrival felt like the air after a precipice.  A heartbeat later I’m […]