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Life is short. And there’s a lot I want to talk about, so I’m introducing the one question interview, beginning with poet Jeff Latosik, who launches his first book of poems next month: Tiny, Frantic, Stronger. Great title, Jeff. What inspired it, and is there a poem with this title or is it simply the […]

Words in Air


Of course, Words in a Sack would be accurate too, but not as impressive sounding. Regardless, the complete correspondence between poets Elizabeth Bishop and Robert Lowell looks interesting. There’s a good quote from Lowell in the review: “The intoxicating thing about rhyme and meter is that they have nothing at all to do with truth, […]

Reality Hunger: A Manifesto is a new books by David Shields that appears to argue the novel is dead, and overly earnest non-fiction is going the way of the Dodo too, even as the lyric essay and collage are far better for reflecting current reality. And it’s current reality we crave, according the Shields. I’m […]

Best Canadian Essays has had a few more positive reviews here and there. The one from Quill & Quire (these are essays that “transcend simple reportage and reach the level of art”)┬ácan be found by following this link. I take none of the credit when there’s a lot of great Canadian writing to choose from, […]