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Essays by Jonathan Franzen Originally published in Books in Canada, 2002. In How To Be Alone, Jonathan Franzen begins with a title that, were it not for the addition of Essays, would sound like some kind of guide to anti-social behaviour.  But what Franzen wants is to be out of step in a world where […]

Originally published in The Danforth Review, 2006 Editor Kevin Smokler explains in his introduction to Bookmark Now that the voices behind these essays were encouraged as a response to Reading at Risk, a National Endowment for the Arts report that warned literary reading is in sharp decline in favour of the internet, TV and video […]

Perfecting Sound Forever: An Aural History of Recorded Music looks like an interesting book, and there’s a good review by Brian Hayes to be found here. Both the book and the review begin with a fascinating quote: “The story goes that, late in his life, Guglielmo Marconi had an epiphany. The godfather of radio technology […]

I’ve been getting out to an area I don’t normally see — Lansdowne and Bloor, where the neighbourhood is beginning to change. Aside from more galleries in the area, Starving Artist (on Lansdowne, north of Bloor) is a waffle house that serves up innovative and likable dishes, like a burger between two lightly-made waffles. And […]