And So


A somewhat convoluted but well-written review of And So, poetry by Joel Brouwer, comments on the “startlingly flat beauty of a narrative surface,” and “the essential detail that pricks the viewer in such a way that a hidden element leaks out but cannot be fully understood.”

I assume reviewer Ron Slate is speaking generally about poets when he says the poet “feels the pinch, caught between the language of living a decent life (“please pass the salt” or “wanna go to the movies?”) and the explanations of that life by news anchors and expert witnesses.” This strikes me as a curiously banal sounding “decent life,” when surely the decent thing is to object to some of the hideous things happening in the world, and surely newscasters report more than they explain, with explanations coming later from deeper analysis or art.

Still, a fascinating read and an intelligent review if you care to read for yourself.


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