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Originally published in The Danforth Review, 2007 Nobody can accuse Nick Horby of failing to be himself.  A collection of fourteen months of his essays from Believer magazine, The Polysyllabic Spree is honest, smart, and down to earth.  Every month he lists what he bought, what he read, and everymonth the list of what he […]

And So


A somewhat convoluted but well-written review of And So, poetry by Joel Brouwer, comments on the “startlingly flat beauty of a narrative surface,” and “the essential detail that pricks the viewer in such a way that a hidden element leaks out but cannot be fully understood.” I assume reviewer Ron Slate is speaking generally about […]

Intimidated by Russian novels that have over a thousand pages, and afraid the translation might include five guys named Nikolai? As a new review suggests, the great names in Russian literature do indeed cast a long shadow, though Raaskazy: New Fiction from a New Russia, reviewed here, presents 21st century short fiction, allowing for a […]