Year in Review: 2009


I’ve written something recently for the Globe and Mail about some of the reasoning behind wanting to start up Best Canadian Essays, and was mentioned in an article by Mariko Tamaki. Finally, I recently answered the Rob Mclennan 12 or 20 questions, opting for 12 only, and it ended up posted to Open Book Toronto.

As far as a year in review is concerned, I didn’t manage many current film reviews over at Digital Popcorn, but I’m happy with my reviews of Star Trek, and Watchmen.

Having been friends with Shaun Smith a long time, it was great to see the publication of his young adult novel, Snakes & Ladders, and I think it’s a fine book.

I found great moments in A Week of This, by Nathan Whitlock and his essay on the state of Canadian fiction was my literary pick for Best Canadian Essays.  I’m currently enjoying The Line Painter, by Claire Cameron. Looking forward to The Lizard and Other Stories, Michael Bryson.

Great to see a first poetry collection by Moez Surani (Reticent Bodies) a second by Matthew Tierney (The Hayflick Limit), a third by Karen Solie (Pigeon), a fourth by Carmine Starnino (This Way Out).

My favourite non-fiction title of the year was Against Happiness by Eric Wilson, an articulate book that suggests we embrace “predictable dualities” instead of clamoring for happiness at all times.

And everyone just hurry up and watch this already. Happy new year, all.


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