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I’ve written something recently for the Globe and Mail about some of the reasoning behind wanting to start up Best Canadian Essays, and was mentioned in an article by Mariko Tamaki. Finally, I recently answered the Rob Mclennan 12 or 20 questions, opting for 12 only, and it ended up posted to Open Book Toronto. […]

Eating Animals


Jonathan Safran Foer is “a curious and objective narrator,” in Eating Animals, reviewed recently by Scott F. Parker, who begins with some very pointed questions: “What do we value more, our morals or our pleasure and convenience? Or try this formulation: is having inexpensive meat worth the torture of billions of sentient animals a year, […]

I recall reading that Alfred Hitchcock’s Psycho in 1960 was the first time audiences saw a toilet flush, though the film is obviously better known for its then-shocking shower scene, and the violent death of a character played by a star (and halfway through the film, making it even more jarring for audiences).  David Thomson […]

A poem of mine that imagines the 1975 funeral of Rod Serling (American writer and creator of the Twilight Zone — I’m something of an admirer, considering he found creative ways to introduce meaningful storytelling to television) has been posted over at Nthposition, along with another poem called Dead Bees Are Indomitable.

Originally published in The Danforth Review, 2006. Reviewing isn’t easy.  There’s the right balance of honesty and diplomacy to find, determining if you’re judging a book according to the goals it sets for itself rather than your ideas, and the effort to write a piece that stands on its own as an interesting piece of […]