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For anyone concerned about the changing literary world in the twenty-first century, The Case for Books looks to be an interesting read, reviewed here by Gerry Donaghy. Elsewhere, Dancing in the Dark: A Cultural History of the Great Depression looks interesting, and is reviewed by Jonah Raskin in a short review that seems compelled to […]

Best Canadian Essays features topics as diverse as energy needs and the environment, parenting, theatre and fiction writing, new attitudes to funerals and the changing world of porn. I co-edited the book with Carmine Starnino, and Tightrope Books launches it on Nov 26 at Revival, 783 College St. ¬†Doors at 7, readings by Nathan Whitlock, […]



Named after the affectionate local term for¬†Wetaskiwin, Alberta, WONK is published by some literary souls who note the “goal is to make Wetaskiwin cooler.” My poem “At Forty” was published in the first issue, and the first, impressive looking double-sided issue was sent to me. Each issue has a theme, and they plan to carry […]