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A book by Rebecca Solnit examines the aftermath of disaster, and finds people don’t necessarily add to the chaos out of self-interest, but in fact a sense of commonality binds people together: “Rebecca Solnit agrees with one aspect of commonplace thinking about disasters: once a hurricane’s winds subside, an earthquake’s upheavals abate, or an explosion’s […]

Asterios Polyp


A dictionary-heavy, hardcover graphic novel, Asterios Polyp manages to be visually impressive, and pack a few impressive ideas. David Mazzucchelli is no stranger to the graphic novel, having illustrated a graphic novel adaptation of City of Glass by Paul Auster, among other works. His style is interesting for being a curious balance of clean and […]

I haven’t seen Paddle to the Sea since my childhood, so it was a pleasant surprise to find it on the National Film Board site. If you’ve never had the pleasure, it’s a beautiful, well produced, short Canadian film about a carving making its way through the great lakes and out to sea. The film […]

Isak Dinesen


Fiction writer Joanna Scott writes about Isak Dinesen (who suffers from “waning” popularity in recent decades), in a review that provides perceptive comments on fiction (and not just Dinesen) like this one: “Dinesen is suggesting in this passage that a storyteller has a set of interrelated responsibilities. She should entertain and absorb her audience, and […]