Darin Yorston: Back Home


Stopping to casually explain “At this moment I would like to pause to put on my hat,” Darin Yorston is a musician that’s about as down to earth as down to earth gets. Frequently playing live, he’s also just released his first solo disc, Back Home. For a man in his thirties, his voice has remarkable depth, as though it has gathered the wisdom of a number of generations, andbackhome I admire the unashamedly straightforward and sincere lyrics here, in tunes that combine mellow Bluegrass Country (not to be confused with vapid stuff like “Achy Breaky Heart”) with a dash of the blues.

“How Long” is a song that manages mixed emotions, somehow both chipper and sad (“How long will you be gone / And are you thinking of me”) before the disc gets more serious with “Lay My Burden Down,” (my personal favourite on the album) and “Born to Die.” I couldn’t bring myself to pause the delicate “Little Bird,” even though my coffee was ready in the next room, and then we’re back to more of a blues tune infused with harmonica in “Don’t Let Me Down.” Other tunes like “Sugar Mama” (“Hey Sugar Mama / You’re the sweetest thing I’ve ever seen”) are simply hugely enjoyable, even as it’s followed immediately by the heartfelt and mournful “Soon.”

In all, fifteen original songs for fifteen bucks, and it’s the kind of quietly strong music that often isn’t celebrated as much as it should be. Yorston is both a skilled musician and an utterly sincere voice.

Find it on CD Baby here.


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