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Everything we care about most is threatened by the potential for catastrophic climate change. 100 days before “critical UN climate change talks” in Copenhagen, Denmark, Greenpeace has launched a new campaign. Learn more about signing a petition, donating or spreading the word here. Advertisements

Stopping to casually explain “At this moment I would like to pause to put on my hat,” Darin Yorston is a musician that’s about as down to earth as down to earth gets. Frequently playing live, he’s also just released his first solo disc, Back Home. For a man in his thirties, his voice has […]

Over at The National Post, Philip Marchand has an interesting article about the challenge of creating vivid characters, and the possibility it has become a lost art. There’s some discussion about first person narration versus third person narration, with novelist and critic Mary McCarthy commenting, “All fictions, of course, are impersonations, but it seems to […]

It isn’t that hard to re-imagine Superman as a communist — it only really requires that on arrival, he crash land on a farm in the Ukraine instead of an American farm. I don’t frequently read graphic novels, but the idea of taking the most famous American hero and turning him on his head was intriguing. […]