NPR update: Samuel Andreyev interview, Linda Besner poems, and more


Northern Poetry Review is updated with poems by Linda Besner from her new book The Id Kid and Di Brandt is reviewed by Michael Greenstein. Alessandro Porco interviews Samuel Andreyev and also finds time to report on some of the happenings at BookThug, more specifically Stephen Cain and Mark Goldstein.

In addition, Jacob Mcarthur Mooney reviews four chapbooks of poems from Cactus Press: Instructions for Pen and Ink by Edward Nixon, Wolf Hunter by Darren Bifford, I Don’t Think I Need to Tell You by Sarah Teitel, and Sanatorium Songs Marc di Saverio (his chapbook cover pictured here). Many thanks to all the contributors and participants.

On a related note, NPR turned five in April. I’d like to take the opportunity to put out a renewed call for submissions. A lot has changed in five years, including an increase in the number of poet and writer blogs, but I think NPR has something different to offer the conversation. It’s easy enough to do an in-depth interview through email by making note of five or six questions as you read a book, and we welcome articles and reviews of all kinds, as always. Contact me at northernreview [at]

I’ve been glad to see the announcement of, where George Murray takes the idea that a site should cover a diversity of styles a step further by formalizing it with a set of associate editors from various fields. It’s a good idea. I’ll be following along, and you should check it out too.

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